About LSE

LSE Builders Group is a full service General Contracting firm whose mastery covers the entire spectrum of modern-day commercial construction.


We strive for excellence

LSE strives to stand out among our competition through our collective experience and expertise, vision for the future, creative problem solving, and working as an allied force to show our ownership and commitment to each and every project.

It's about the people

We employ and support motivated, flexible, and focused teams with the highest skill sets and solid reputations in our industry. At LSE, we value the importance of all of our relationships and will continue to be a fair and stable presence in the commercial construction industry.


Our first priority at LSE.  We will never compromise the well being of our work force for the sake of money, time or convenience.


A measurable output. This is a process that ensures the highest standards are met and confirms that our scope of work is in compliance with the plan allowing us to avoid re-work, additional expense and confusion.

Schedule Management

Understanding the workflow sequence of events before the job begins.  Coordinating procurement and confirming deliverable dates well before construction kickoff to adhere to owner’s timeline requirements.


Not managed by words or bid sheets.  Cost is managed by controlling the first three fundamentals.



1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.


2. free from any attempt to hide something, as in a transparent process.


3. able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, finding efficient and innovative ways to overcome challenges.


4. able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, finding efficient and innovative ways to overcome challenges.


5. being proactive, solution-oriented, accountable, and committed to continuous improvement.

Allied Force

6. a connection through which a common interest is shared showing strength or energy as an attribute of physical action.


7. a concise and inspiring declaration of a leader's goals, values, and aspirations.


Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind our success.

LSE Builders Group President and Founder Steven South
Steven South
President & Founder

Steven South founded LSE Builders Group in 2015. He has over 2 decades of project management and construction related experience.

His primary role at LSE is meeting new people, solving problems and discovering opportunities.

He loves fine woodworking, skiing and white water kayaking as well as any other high risk and adventurous activity in the mountains.When deep in thought he will present by stroking his beard.

LSE Builders Group Controller Cinde James
Cinde James

Cinde started with LSE only one year after the formation of the business.  She’s been an irreplaceable asset to the team ever since.  

She presides over the company financials, safety and compliance, administrative duties as well a number of tasks that help the team stay focused on managing projects for our clients.  

She is a talented seamstress, frighteningly skilled and disturbingly excited about spreadsheets.

LSE Builders Group preconstruction manager Keeley Pellouchoud
Keely Pellouchoud
Preconstruction Manager

Keely’s department is the first stop for new LSE projects. She does an excellent job of studying plans to identify the scope of work needed for any commercial project.

By working with the rest of the team, she  assigns a timeline and realistic budget to complete a project according to our standards.

She is a mathematician and has a strange fascination with the number Pi as well as electronic dance music.

LSE Builders Group Director of Operations Henry Ramos
Henry Ramos
Director of Operations

Henry, a highly skilled Finish Carpenter, brings with him 26 years of business development and operations experience.

He is now impressing our clients at every turn with his attention to detail and managerial effectiveness. He even teaches us new tricks and skills !

Henry is a valued member of the team and takes complete ownership of Operations. When not in the office, Henry is an avid scuba diver and enjoys sailing with his wife and friends.

LSE Builders Group Emilio Dominguez
Emilio Dominguez
Site Superintendent

Emilio started his construction background with a17 year sentence in hardwood flooring installation and refurbishing.

The knowledge gained from this experience has allowed him the capability to match finishes with laser precision. 

Awarded the nickname " Zero Punchlist Dominguez" due to his meticulous nature and care for his job sites. LSE is so fortunate to have Emilio as our Site Super.

LSE Builders Group Site Superintendent Caden Dion
Caden Dion
Site Superintendent

Raised right here in Colorado, Caden's father was a General Contractor who taught him many valuable lessons about the trades.  Caden has a knack for framing and tilework. 

He was recently married in Italy and is a former member of the US Coast Guard. In Caden's spare time, he likes hanging out with his dog Moose.


Current Openings

Explore our current job openings and join our talented team.

Project Manager
Longmont, CO
apply now

LSE Builders Group is looking for an experienced (5 years minimum in Construction ProjectManagement ) and well-versed Project Manager to lead our team of superintendents on various commercial and new, ground up construction projects in Northern Colorado.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services, processes, and client collaboration.

What services do you offer?

LSE Builders Group offers an array of services, from design build to remodels. We’re here to work through the challenges associated with any project and to provide the best service, tailored to the project’s needs. Call us today to discuss your unique project!

How can I better understand what my project will cost.

The best place to start with understanding the cost of a project is to get awell-designed plan. This may include only an architect or additional engineers. From this plan, LSE Builders Group will be able to estimate the cost to complete the project. A budgetary proposal can be provided using historical data or a bid proposal that includes costs submitted from vendors. Either way, LSE Builders Group is always happy to discuss each individual cost and how it relates to the overall project.

What is your experience?

LSE Builders Group has over 9 years of construction experience, ranging from residential additions and remodels to new commercial ground-up construction.

Can you work with my bank and construction financing?

Absolutely! The accounting department at LSE Builders Group has years of experience working and coordinating with banks and financiers.

What areas do you serve?

LSE Builders Group serves the northern front range from Aurora out to Fort Lupton, north to Greeley and west to Fort Collins.

Have questions about your project?

Let’s chat. Tell us a little bit about your project and we’ll schedule a call.

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