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Same footprint, but MORE SPACE!

Need more room don't don't have the exterior space for an addition? Have you considered a basement remodel? The best way to add square footage and value to your home.

Here are the Top Five Benefits of Remodeling you basement:

1. The Best Value: According to the annual Cost vs. Value Report released by Remodeling Magazine, no other project designed to increase livable space is cheaper. That’s because adding a room of any size requires building a structure of foundation, walls and roof. But the basic structure of a basement, of course, is already in place. That’s why basement remodeling offers the best value per square foot in comparison with all other space-increasing projects.

2. A Blank Slate: If you add a bathroom, or a bedroom, or a playroom – any kind of room – then you’re fairly limited in terms of design and decorating options. After all, you don’t want your addition to stick out like a ghastly sore thumb from the rest of your home. To a certain degree, at least, you’ll want your addition to blend with the existing design and décor of your home.But your basement – that’s a different matter. For your basement remodel you can let your imagination run wild. You can give your creative juices free rein. Your basement is an island unto itself, so to speak. So your decorating and design choices can be made in complete freedom, without paying homage to the rest of your home.

3. LOTS of Space: Adding another room of any kind to your house will certainly give you a bit more elbowroom. But not much more than a “bit.” Remodeling your basement, though, will add lots of livable space to your home. That’s because basements typically are very large areas. On average, a basement remodel will increase your living space by about a third. And some basement remodeling projects nearly double a home’s livable space.

4. Resale Value: A remodeling project shouldn’t be initiated simply to increase the resale value of a house. That’s because no remodeling project will return 100% of the money invested at the time of resale. But some projects will return a far greater percentage of your money at resale time than other projects. And according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report, no other project designed to increase living space even comes close to holding value as well as basement remodeling projects. Your remodeled basement will also make your house more attractive to prospective buyers.

5. A Comfy Hangout: A basement can become the most easily heated, the most easily cooled, the most comfortable living space in your entire house. This may be hard to believe if your basement is currently a dank, dark and damp pit of dreariness. But if the job is done right using the proper materials, the natural insulating and sound-dampening properties of your below-ground-level basement can indeed contribute to it becoming the most pleasant place in your home.

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