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New Office!! 

We are looking for some amazing tenants for our back offices; includes private entrance, ample parking and a shared conference room and kitchen. Located on Main Street in Downtown Longmont 

This space is ideal for two people and the option to be partially furnished if desired.


$800 a month. 

Please use our contact form if you are interested or contact us via our Facebook page.

FOR LEASE - 318 Main Street, Longmont


Project site reviews

Structural systems reviews


Competitive subcontractor identification

Safety analysis

Conceptual planning

Design Evaluation

Project scheduling and cost estimating


Schedule implementation

Quality control

Communication management

Jobsite safety management

Field reports and project updates

Construction site management

Subcontractor supervision

Construction waste management

Tenant Improvements




Obtain certificate of occupancy

Provide as-built documentation

Establish warranty program

Provide Operation and Maintenance manuals

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